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Model of Mount Rushmore Memorial, historic photo

Mount Rushmore Memorial, Model, South Dakota, Monument, Gutzon Borglum, historic photo

An historic 1936 photo of sculptor Gutzon Borglum's model of the Mount Rushmore Memorial, South Dakota. This studio model standing about twenty feet high, was the design that Borglum had intended for the finished memorial. His plan was to feature finished sculptures from the waist up rather than the busts only. Actual sculpting of the Mt. Rushmore Memorial began in 1927. During 1934 to 1939, the presidential busts were completed. Gutzon Borglum died in March, 1941 at which time his son, Lincoln Borglum took over supervision of the project. After the completion of the season, October, 1941, the project was ended due to the lack of funding. Thus the Mount Rushmore Memorial, as seen today, is only about the top third portion of the design that was originally planned.

Gutzon Borglum, born March 25, 1867 at St. Charles, Idaho Territory; died March 6, 1941 at Chicago, Illinois, age 73.

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