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Revolutionary War Related Vintage Postcards, Historic Photos and Images

This section makes it possible to view all of the vintage postcard, historic photos, and images currently available related to the American Revolutionary War.

To browse the available vintage views currently available, click on the on names in the list below that you wish to view. These are arranged here by State.

Richard Lord Jones, 10 year old Revolutionary War Fifer

Nathan Hale Monument, Nathan Hale Cemetery, Coventry, Connecticut

Park Street Church and Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Boston Massacre Victims Tombstone, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Boston Massacre or Crispus Attucks Monument, Boston, Massachusetts

The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor, Boston Tea Party (historic print)

Samuel Adams, grave and tombstone, Boston, Massachusetts

Tombstone and Grave of John Hancock, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Home of Paul Revere, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Tombstone and Grave of Paul Revere, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

James Otis, Revolutionary War Patriot, Tombstone and Grave, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Christ Church or, The Old North Church, Boston, Massachusetts (photo)

Old Dutch Reformed Church and Cemetery, Fishkill, New York (photo)

The Old Belfry, Lexington, Massachusetts (photo)

Revolutionary Monument, Lexington, Massachusetts (photo)

Washington's Headquarters, Ford Mansion, Morristown, New Jersey (photo)

Monument of Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley "Molly Pitcher", Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Betsy Ross House, 1900, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (photo)

Benjamin Franklin, 1767, painting by David Martin

Grave and Tombstone of Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (photo)

General Washington at Christ Church, Easter Sunday, 1795, Philadelphia, PA

Gloria Dei Church, or Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tombstone and grave of General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, Radnor, Pennsylvania (photo)

St. James Church at Goose Creek, South Carolina (photo)

William French tombstone, Westminster, Vermont (photo)

Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville, Virginia (photos)

Tombstone and grave of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello Cemetery, Charlottesville, Virginia (photo)

George Washington's Home, Mount Vernon, Virginia (photo)

Tomb of George Washington, Mount Vernon, Virginia (photos)

St. Peter's Church, New Kent, Virginia (George and Martha Washington)

St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia (Patrick Henry) (photos)

The Moore House, Where Cornwallis Surrender Was Negotiated, Yorktown, Virginia (photos)

The Surrender of Cornwallis, Yorktown, Virginia (engraving)

Thomas Nelson, Jr. House, Yorktown, Virginia (photo)

Independence Day, Signing of The Declaration of Independence

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