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Abraham Lincoln Related Vintage Postcards, Historic Photos and Images

This section makes it possible to view all of the vintage postcard, historic photos, and images currently available related to the Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.

To browse the available vintage views currently available, click on the on names in the list below that you wish to view.

Homestead of Mordecai Lincoln, Great-Great-Grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln, Lorane, Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln, 1846-1847, earliest known photo

General James Shields and Abraham Lincoln Duel (photos)

Abraham Lincoln, 1858, as Senate candidate

Abraham Lincoln as the Republican Party candidate for President, 1860 (photo)

Abraham Lincoln at his home in Springfield, Illinois, 1860 (photo)

Abraham Lincoln and Gen. George McClellan on the Antietam Battlefield, 1862 (photo)

Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Battleground to deliver the Gettysburg Address (photo)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, On the day of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, 1863 (photo)

John L. Burns, "the old hero of Gettysburg", Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln Writes to Mrs. Bixby, Mother who lost five sons

Abraham Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address, March 4, 1865 (photo)

The last photograph ever taken of President Abraham Lincoln, March 6, 1865 (photo)

President Abraham Lincoln, side by side 1860 and 1865 photos

Old Soldiers' Home and President Lincoln's Cottage (photo)

Washington, D. C., Ford's Theatre, Site of Lincoln Assassination (photo)

The Petersen House, where President Abraham Lincoln died (photo)

President Abraham Lincoln Railroad Funeral Car (photo)

Lincoln Funeral Train Engine Nashville, April 1865 (photo)

Hearse used to carry the body of President Abraham Lincoln, May, 1865 (photo)

Temporary Tomb of Abraham Lincoln, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois (photo)

Lincoln Tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois

Robert Todd Lincoln, Tombstone and Grave, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

Abraham Lincoln, Centennial Souvenir, 1909

Additional Civil War Related Historical Photos and Vintage Postcards

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